Less-invasive Indentation Test using the applied Hertzian contact theory

YAWASA is designed to present the softness of a subject with the modulus of elasticity (Young’s Modulus), which is an internationally common objective physical quantity. It will support your softness measurement needs and applications as they expand and grow.



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Less-invasive Indentation Test

Based on palpation mechanics, YAWASA measures the relationship between the indentation (displacement) and the force (load value) when pressed into a subject by several millimeters.


Objective numerical value using the module of elasticity (Young's Modulus)

YAWASA quantifies the elasticity using the module of elasticity (Young’s Modulus, kPa), using the applied formula of Hertzian contact theory.
This enables the physical measurement of soft materials based on this common theory.






Line up

Standard Model

MSES Series (Standard Model)

The Motor control offers stable measurement.
Standard model supports a variety of measurement styles.